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October 21st, 2012 Pentecost 21

This week I read Canada, by Richard Ford. There is a description of a young nun in the book that I find disagreeable, not because it is necessarily untrue. She is angry, intolerant, unable to listen, self-righteous. Apart from her behavior, and accurate though the description of her may be of many who once wore


October 14th, 2012 Pentecost 20

This past week, Mona and I took a couple of days off, added it to Thanksgiving Monday and made a week of it, travelling to the Ottawa Valley through Algonquin Park, then later to the Bruce Peninsula. What a feast of beauty it was. Somewhere along the way on our journeys, on CBC, I think


October 7th, 2012 Harvest Thanksgiving

What an amazingly beautiful time of the year this is. Nature sings. Harvest & Thanksgiving are about the abundance of God. Says Jesus: “Do not be anxious about food or clothing.” I do not identify with that specific anxiety, but I do worry about some things. For me, it’s mainly about getting everything done. Crazy