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December 29th, 2013 – Christmas I

This week Mona and I had a couple of days that we were able to spend with family in the Ottawa Valley.  We find ourselves saying things like, “It’s a long way but it’s worth it.”  You may have been doing the same kinds of things yourselves. You know how it goes … You arrive,


December 24th, 2013 – Christmas Eve

I witnessed a few acts of kindness and generosity lately that set me to thinking about gift-giving.  Then one journalist, a bit like the Grinch who stole Christmas, asked: “Who benefits anyway, the recipient or the giver?”   In Gospel terms, that’s a flawed question. The best clues to gift-giving are in the Christmas story


December 22nd, 2013 – Advent 4

On a journey, someone says, “Stay alert … Watch for the signs”!   In Isaiah, God promises Israel a sign.  Do you ever see signs that “God is with us”? … something that tells you God is near?  Let’s hear one or two …   In Advent, the call is to “keep awake”.  Watch for