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April 27, 2014 – Michael Valpy – St. George’s Day

Graham, I want to begin by thanking you and the worship committee for inviting me to take part in the patronal service in this beautiful building dedicated to God and to one of the most venerated saints of the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox Churches.   You’ll recall that when you and I met for lunch


April 20th, 2014 – Easter Day

Easter Day seems like a good day for confession!   We confess our Risen Lord, for sure … and …   In 1983, Steve Jobs was recruiting John Scully, then CEO of Pepsi-Cola, to work for Apple.  He asked Scully a question and I adapted it for our church sign.  On one side, it says: 


April 19th, 2014 – Easter Eve

Earth    Air    Fire    Water These were the ancient elements in many cultures, to which was sometimes added a fifth element – the Ether … which was all that lay beyond what can be seen and touched, the ethereal realm, the realm of spirit.   This is an elemental night.   We yearn