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July 28th, 2013 – Pentecost 10

Ever notice how human organizations begin with clarity of purpose and then can start to look very different over time … e.g. Political Parties start saying what is palatable rather than what is true; governments worry about re-election; philanthropists’ egos hide their generosity; service clubs cannot change with the times; men’s groups focus more on


July 21st, 2013 – Pentecost 9

The Beatles sang, “When I get older, losin’ my hair … will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?”  I don’t think they knew about the prophecy of Amos, who said that one punishment for the nation’s waywardness would be “baldness on every head”!  Now all kinds of guys seem


July 14th, 2013 – Pentecost 8

On Friday, I enjoyed a great day off … Read the papers, crossword, walked with the dog, shopped for my grandchildren’s birthdays (I could spend all day in the toy store!), had lunch with Mona, wrote a letter, avoided gardening, visited a friend, watched a movie!   In the middle of the day, news came