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‏August 17th, 2014 – ‏Pentecost 10

  We lost a well-know Anglican this week …Robin Williams was known affectionately for his “Top 10 Reasons To Be An Episcopalian / Anglican.” 10. No snake handling. 9. You can believe in dinosaurs. 8. Male and female God created them; male and female we ordain them. 7. You don’t have to check your brains


August 10th, 2014, Pentecost 9

A couple is killed on the way to their wedding.  At the Pearly Gates, they ask: Can we get married in heaven? St. Peter goes off to check.  After 2 months he comes back.  Yes, it’s possible.  OK, but what if it doesn’t work out, can we get a divorce in heaven?  He throws down